Weight Loss Dunedin

Lose Weight using Hypnosis
at Dunedin Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss through Hypnosis at Dunedin Hypnotherapy

weight loss dunedin

Control your Weight
Be the person YOU want to be!

Weight Loss Dunedin

Weight Loss & weight control are the most frequent requests I get from clients and I have a variety of approaches to choose from to suit your individual requirements.

When people rely on diet and exercise alone to lose weight, they tend to fail or relapse. This is because they are simply treating the symptoms without finding a cure for permanent weight loss. The psychological reasons for overeating must be addressed or they will keep occurring. I can present an individual hypnosis weight loss program, safely allowing you to eat better, eat less, eat less often, and change your relationship with food.

There is also much more to weight loss than eating and exercise — stress management, self image and confidence etc. All of these can be included.

No group weight loss sessions – only personal, confidential hypnosis treatment designed for you.

Weight Loss Dunedin

Weight Loss Motivation through Relaxation

Feel relaxed and motivated

Traditional weight loss methods often fail to change the way you think about food, your normal eating habits and the underlying psychological reasons as to why you are overeating, or put on weight in the first place.

With hypnosis your unconscious mind is guided towards the positive changes you need to make to achieve the weight that is comfortable for you. I will tailor your therapy to your situation and needs.


Change your relationship with food and
achieve permanent weight loss

Weight Loss Dunedin

Special Weight Loss Offer

  • Get 3 x one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions designed to your own requirements.
  • You will receive a recording of each session on MP3 or CD to use for reinforcement.
  • After your hypnotherapy sessions I will provide ongoing support and advice.

Single sessions also available for $120.00.
Discounts available for Students and beneficiaries – please enquire.

  1. Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful. People should seek professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.
  2. Individual results may vary.

Dunedin Hypnotherapy – Caversham, Dunedin

Normally $390

NOW only $250!


Get real, sustainable weight loss with hypnotherapy!*

Weight Loss Dunedin

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