Guided Imagery and Relaxation Training using Hypnosis

How to use Hypnosis to Relax

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Guided Imagery and Medical Solutions

Research shows from anxiety to pain management and from preventative medicine to treatment, guided imagery and therapeutic relaxation work.

Do you need to reduce blood pressure, overcome stress, control chronic pain or just feel better?
Guided imagery is a solution – and you can learn how to direct this ability in a healing way.

IMAGINE what it will be like when you are able to:

  • Control Chronic Pain
  • Heal From Surgery Faster
  • Prepare For Childbirth
  • Overcome Health Disorders
  • Become Healthy Again

and much more . . . .

Guided Imagery is a wonderful way to relax, and relieve stress and anxiety

Guided imagery can be a healthy outlet to help you feel more in control of your emotions and thoughts and to help improve your sense of well being.

For example, try this scenario:
Imagine a meadow in the morning, feel the crisp, cool morning air. As the sun rises, feel the warmth on your face. You may see the dew sparkling in the sunlight, hear birds chirping, and smell the wild flowers.

Imagining yourself in a calm, peaceful setting can help you relax and relieve stress.

Guided imagery may help healing, learning, creativity and performance. It can also help you feel more in control of your emotions and thoughts and help improve your attitude, health and sense of well being.

Guided Imagery Dunedin

To give guided imagery a try, follow these steps:

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes.

Start by just taking a few deep breaths to help relax.

Imagine a setting that is calm and peaceful. This could be a beach, mountain setting, meadow or a scene that you choose. It can be real or imaginary. You may be able to visualise it, or just feel it.

Imagine your scene and try to add some detail. For example, is there a breeze? What does the sky look like? Is it clear, or are there clouds?

It often helps to add a path to your scene. For example, as you enter the meadow, imagine a path leading you through the meadow to the trees on the other side. As you follow the path farther into the meadow you feel more and more relaxed.

When you are deep into your scene and are feeling relaxed, take a few minutes to breathe slowly and feel the calm.

When you are ready, slowly take yourself out of the scene back to the present. Tell yourself that you will feel relaxed and refreshed and will bring that sense of calm with you.

Count to three, and open your eyes.

It may help to have an instructor or audio recording to follow. You can also use a script (a set of written instructions), but hearing the instructions may be a better way to relax during the process.

Your hypnotherapist is the ideal person to teach you guided imagery.

After a Guided Imagery session at Dunedin Hypnotherapy you will be given a recording for your own use at home giving you an excellent tool to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. This is also a great way to help overcome sleeping problems.

Guided Imagery Dunedin

Guided Imagery Dunedin

It is important to understand that hypnosis with me is
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